The Bald Prima Donna/Soprano

The Viscount

The Lesson


Jacques, or Obedience /Jack, or the Submission

The Future is in eggs, or, It takes all sorts to make a world

The Chairs

The Leader

The Motor Show

Victims of Duty

The Niece-Wife

Le Rhume onirique

Maid to marry

Amedee, or, How to get rid of it

The New Tenant

The Painting/The Picture

Improvisation, or The Shepherds Chameleon

The Killer



Learning to walk

Frenzy for two

A stroll in the air


Exit the King

Hunger and Thirst

Le grand siècle ou les grands airs

The Gap

French Conversation and Diction Exercises

The hard-boiled egg

To Prepare a Hard Boiled Egg

Le jeune homme à marier

The Foot of the Wall

Stories for children under 3 years of age

Killing Game

La Vase


The Hermit

A Hell of a Mess!/ Oh what a bloody circus!

The Man with the Luggage

Journeys Among the Dead

Maximilien Kolbe

Other plays or shows

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Søren Olsen